Welcome to My New Blog


I thought it would be a great idea to start a blog in order to keep my clients and friends up-to-date on current trends in the world of computers in addition to keeping you informed of what is happening here at Carabee Computer Solutions.

My intent is to provide you with informative articles that will help you to maximize your computers’ potential as well as provide you with time and money-saving tips.

I always say that our computers are our primary tools for running our businesses, and therefore it is critically important that we “keep the edge sharp” and stay aware of the need for regular maintenance and secure, verified backups. This blog will serve to help you do just that.

During the next few months I will be informing you about how a blog (and other social media) can help you to get an edge on your competition. I’ll also be providing tips on specific applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, and others.

In addition, I plan to periodically write about my views on how business has changed in the last decade, and how we can get away from the old, “I sell this, do you want to buy it?” model, and move toward the much more effective and mutually beneficial “Value for value” model. In my view, the foundation of good business practice is informing our customers of the value we offer, and endeavoring to provide more value than our competition. We’ll be getting into this subject in-depth.

I’m looking forward to building an active community here on my blog, so please feel free to write any comments down below. Your input and your questions are very important, so feel free to use this resource.

Wishing you all the greatest success in 2011,

Brian Carabee
Carabee Computer Solutions

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